Unique security combo

n-Auth is immune both to client-side brute-forcing and server-side data breaches. Reduces liabilities and increases GDPR compliance.


Nothing to remember

Forget usernames, passwords, tokens… With n-Auth users simply log in using their mobile.


No third-party dependence

Do not give away the keys to your kingdom. n-Auth runs under your control. No external parties interfere during authentication, not even us.


Easy integration

Integrates with most applications and Single-Sign-On systems in a matter of days. Low maintenance effort.

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Classic and in-app

Use your mobile to log into websites and applications on any other device. Your app directly connects to your server? Embed the n-Auth SDK.


Made to measure

Multi-account, multi-device, multi-factor, multi-step, subaccounts, post-quantum cryptography, integrated blockchain logging. You name it.

How does it work?

Our products

Classic authentication

storage + smartphone

Authentication server runs on premise to secure your application.
Comes with a whitelabeled app.

In-app authentication

storage + library_books

Mobile SDK for integration into your own app. Comes with an authentication server that runs on premise to secure your application’s backend.

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